Kinesiology remote sessions now available

Kinesiology remote sessions now available

Due to the current Coronavirus situation and client demand I am delighted to now offer remote kinesiology appointments.  

How does a remote kinesiology session work?
A remote kinesiology session starts in the same way as a face-to-face session, with us having a chat about any health issues you may have and what you would like to achieve from the session.  Muscle response testing is carried out remotely, with me testing on your behalf, while you relax at home. I may ask you to hold or rub specific acupressure and lymphatic points, depending what shows up.  I will guide you through those.

At the end I will chat through my findings and recommendations, which I will also send in a follow up email, along with links to any supplements or flower essences that may be relevant.

How does remote muscle response testing work?
The answer lies in the laws of quantum physics, which state that at a fundamental level the universe is essentially energy and this energy is all interconnected in a vast Quantum Field.  Think of it like an invisible web or grid with everything connected to everything else by energy.  Not only are all things energetically connected, so are all people. So when I am remotely testing someone or something I am tapping into this universal energy.  

Which countries is the therapy offered to?
Any country except USA and Canada (due to insurance restrictions). It's often easier for clients to talk about their health issues in their native language and I am pleased to be able to offer that service to Spanish and Italian speaking clients.

Half price sessions for UK key workers
I am pleased to extend my offer of half price remote sessions for UK key workers until Easter 2021. Kinesiology is particularly effective at managing stress and can be very helpful for those under pressure.

What do I need to participate?
A computer, an iPad or just a telephone!  

"I can't recommend Louise Penson enough. I've recently had an on line Kinesiology session with her for my chronic neck pain.  I'm amazed at how quickly the pain has simply dissolved away. So so happy!  Please don't put up with health issues have a chat with Louise, she is so friendly and helpful".  Helen Adams, Hampshire.

“Just had a remote kinesiology session with Louise (during lockdown). Can highly recommend! I feel so good. In fact I relaxed so much on my sofa I almost nodded off! And her suggestions and recommendations for supplements and flower essences are proving really helpful”.  Jane Collison, Devon.

"Louise was very attentive and supportive during our online session. She found some genuinely useful aspects that I would not have considered and I feel that I am moving toward greater health as a result. Thank you". Tony M, Gloucestershire.