Client Testimonials

Some kind words from my lovely clients


"I walked out from seeing you feeling ten years younger! I have a spring in my step and the aches and pains had gone. I still have a general sense of wellbeing thanks to your magical ministrations! Thank you so much and I look forward to our next meeting".  Marion B, Winchester.

" I had been suffering with chronic joint pain for over 16 years and was at a stage where I could no longer work. After visiting Louise monthly for the last 6 months my pain has reduced so significantly that I have returned to work full time, have less fatigue and am overall enjoying life and all its adventures. I never thought my life would be this good again! Louise is wonderful and I can't recommend her and kinesiology enough".  Joanne Drakes, Bracknell.

"I was skeptical about Kinesiology. After one session I had much less pain in my joints, and my posture was better. After the second session, I am walking more easily than I have for years, my digestion is improved and some irritating skin problems are clearing up! Bring on the next session!! Thank you :-)". Margaret T, Petersfield.

"Brilliant. I arrived feeling shabby and left feeling fantastic. Couldn't recommend highly enough!" Robert Walton, Hampshire.

"I can't recommend Louise Penson enough. I've recently had an on line Kinesiology session with her for my chronic neck pain. I'm amazed at how quickly the pain has simply dissolved away. So so happy!  Please don't put up with health issues have a chat with Louise, she is so friendly and helpful".  Helen Adams, Hampshire. 

"Since meeting Louise and reaching into the world of Kinesiology for the first time I have found my health and overall well being completely changed. Louise takes you through the treatment with her calm voice and helps you release the blockages that are making you feel unwell or out of sorts and rebalances you. I use the Flower Essences especially prepared for me every day to keep me calm and centred. We live in a world of chaos and I use complementary therapies all the time to help maintain my homeostasis. I can highly recommend Louise and Kinesiology". Ashley Fairburn, Hampshire.

"Excellent service and treatment. I felt very safe in Louise's hands. Louise was able to support my wellbeing and get to the bottom of underlying health issues quickly and offer a clear treatment plan. As a result I feel much better and have lots more energy and less pain. In fact the pain relief was almost instant. I now recommend Louise to all my friends and clients too and many members of my family all have been to see her with equally positive results". Helen Adams, Hampshire.

"Throughout 2020 I suffered from an itchy and unsightly rash on my legs, torso, face and neck. My GP prescribed various noxious creams, which might have helped in the short-term but didn’t prevent the rash reappearing. I found a natural product to apply (Exeskin Balm) and this reduced the itching considerably, but I still wanted to deal with the underlying problem so I contacted Louise. She knew immediately that the cause was stress and emotion. She balanced my meridians, sent me home with a bottle of flower essences (mixed specially for me) and by the time I had taken all the drops (about a month later) the rash had disappeared. And it hasn’t returned. Louise also (at the risk of making herself redundant) gave me useful tips to help me deal with stress in the future. Thank you, Louise! ". Harvey, West Sussex. 

"I wasn't too sure about Kinesiology before my sessions with Louise. I had a few niggles/energy issues - was recommended to see Louise and decided to give it a try.  Both sessions were enlightening as Louise pinpointed and cleared the trouble-makers in such a calm, comfortable manner.  I can thoroughly recommend this 'wellbeing' approach. I wish I lived closer and would make it a more regular occurrence".  Elizabeth Floyd, Hertfordshire. 

"I received a strong recommendation from a friend to go to Louise following double knee replacement operations and various joint pains, and my own doubts about whether the supplements I was taking were indeed appropriate for my anti-inflammatory needs. Louise identified supplements which were costing me money and giving no benefit and alternatives which, along with the work she did, have quickly reduced my pain levels after just two appointments. I would rate the service as 5 Star." Jonathan Calvert, Surrey.

"I can't believe how much better I have been feeling.  I feel light and airy and not dark and heavy as I was previously feeling. When I do feel a bit anxious, which isn't very often, I do the tapping routine and it subsides".  Julia T, Winchester.

"You have magic hands! Still no pain - even after walking down town with my backpack. How does this even work???? So glad it does and so glad to have met you Louise". Margaret R, Midhurst.

“Just had a remote kinesiology session with Louise (during lockdown). Can highly recommend! I feel so good. In fact I relaxed so much on my sofa I almost nodded off! And her suggestions and recommendations for supplements and flower essences are proving really helpful”. Jane Collison, Devon.

"Louise is warm, friendly, welcoming and amazing at Kinesiology. The probiotics she personalised for me were a great help in improving my gut flora, the very sensible place to start. I have taken my daughter to receive treatments from Louise with various teenage issues and not only did she clear them, she tested and gave Bach flower remedies to assist moving forward. I could talk for hours at just how professional and passionate Louise is. But, should you have any doubts, take it from me, you needn't have any. If you value your health, don't delay, book today! ". Jooli Malooli, Hampshire.

"Louise was very attentive and supportive during our online session. She found some genuinely useful aspects that I would not have considered and I feel that I am moving toward greater health as a result. Thank you". Tony M, Gloucestershire.

"Went to see Louise because I thought I had some food intolerances causing me problems. Quite quickly she established this was not the case, and it was in fact stress related. Following the treatment I got a specially made flower essence tincture to take, and within a few days I had noticed a difference. By the time the bottle was empty I had hardly any symptoms at all. Would highly recommend Louise for any physical or emotional issues causing you trouble." Laura Russell, Petersfield.


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