Emotional Stress & Trauma

Stress and worry can be incredibly detrimental to our health.  This has never been more apparent than now with the ongoing pandemic taking a toll on our mental wellbeing.  Kinesiology has a range of techniques to effectively manage stress in a natural way.  

Kinesiology emotional stress release techniques are gentle, but incredibly effective. And the beauty is that there is not even a need for the client to talk about what's going on for them; unless of course they find it helpful to do so.   

It may be that past events are stopping someone from moving forward and being fully well (when emotional trauma is not properly processed, a memory of it can be stored in our cells and manifest in physical symptoms). Releasing memories of past stress, worry or grief can help the healing process to begin.

In a kinesiology session muscle response testing is used to help identify whether nutritional supplements or Bach Flower Remedies might be beneficial.  

The majority of clients report a feeling of lightness, clarity or peace after a kinesiology session. Here are just some of the things kinesiology can help with: 

  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Working through self esteem and confidence issues
  • Forgiving and releasing past anxieties/issues about yourself and others
  • Helping to break old, fearful and unhelpful patterns
  • Setting goals and desired outcomes
  • Overcoming phobias, e.g. public speaking


"I can't believe how much better I have been feeling.  I feel light and airy and not dark and heavy as I was previously feeling. When I do feel a bit anxious, which isn't very often, I do the tapping routine and it subsides".  Julia T, Winchester.

"Since meeting Louise and reaching into the world of Kinesiology for the first time I have found my health and overall well being completely changed. Louise takes you through the treatment with her calm voice and helps you release the blockages that are making you feel unwell or out of sorts and rebalances you. I use the Flower Essences especially prepared for me every day to keep me calm and centred. We live in a world of chaos and I use complementary therapies all the time to help maintain my homeostasis. I can highly recommend Louise and Kinesiology". Ashley Fairburn, Hampshire.



It's very important to feel comfortable with the person you choose to help you. I am happy to talk face-to-face or on the phone before you commit to an appointment.