Nutritional Supplementation

Update: January 2021.  Testing for nutritional supplementation is currently available via Zoom appointments.  For more information (and reduced appointment fees for UK key workers) please visit Kinesiology Remote Sessions.

There is no substitute for a balanced diet, however there are times in our lives when we can benefit from nutritional supplementation. It may be to:

  • Boost the immune system during illness or stressful periods
  • Counteract the effect of prescription drugs (e.g. statins, which can deplete levels of CoQ10, needed for energy production)
  • Help to manage joint pain from injury or arthritis
  • Support us as we get older, e.g. to aid digestion and combat acid reflux

It’s tempting to self-medicate; to read an article, relate to the symptoms and think ‘that’s just what I need!’. But we don’t always get it right and can waste money on supplements that are offering no benefit, because either we don’t need them or because they are not of sufficient quality or strength. Occasionally supplements can be detrimental and provoke chemical imbalances if not required by the body.

Kinesiology takes the guesswork out of supplement selection. Using muscle response testing it can identify when the body needs support from nutritional supplements and what those specific supplements are. It can also help to identify if supplements are detrimental or giving little or no benefit.

Important: If you are taking prescription medicine, are pregnant or trying to conceive you should always consult your doctor before taking nutritional supplements.


"I received a strong recommendation from a friend to go to Louise following  double knee replacement operations and various joint pains, and my own doubts about whether the supplements I was taking were indeed appropriate for my anti-inflammatory needs. Louise identified supplements which were costing me money and giving no benefit, and alternatives which, along with the work she did, have quickly reduced my pain levels after just two appointments.  I would rate the service as 5 Star."  Jonathan Calvert, Hindhead.

"Louise is warm, friendly, welcoming and amazing at Kinesiology. The probiotics she personalised for me were a great help in improving my gut flora, the very sensible place to start. I have taken my daughter to receive treatments from Louise with various teenage issues and not only did she clear them, she tested and gave Bach flower remedies to assist moving forward. I could talk for hours at just how professional and passionate Louise is. But, should you have any doubts, take it from me, you needn't have any. If you value your health, don't delay, book today! ". Jooli Malooli, Hampshire.