Skeletal & Muscular Conditions

Manipulative therapies can offer amazing relief for skeletal and muscular problems. However, if you find yourself returning again and again because adjustments don’t hold or relief is short lived, it really is worth trying kinesiology.  

As well as looking at structural aspects, Kinesiology also encompasses emotional and nutritional elements to help get to the root cause of your pain. 

A kinesiology assessment will also take into account your posture and seek out at any muscle imbalances – muscles work synergistically and weakness in certain muscles can cause others to overwork and become over tight, causing pain and discomfort.  

Injury Recall Technique

When our bodies are injured, our nervous system and cells retain a memory of that injury which can hinder the healing process.  When trauma occurs, the body goes into an adaptive state and remains in that state thereafter.  Which is why we often hear people say they were never right after surgery, a fall or an accident.  

Kinesiology employs a highly effective technique, called Injury Recall, which can help to release the memory of the trauma and promote healing.  Elimination of pain is just one of the benefits seen by people who have experienced this technique.


"My first consultation with Louise Penson was last year, following a bicycle accident, resulting in further injury to my ankle, which was then swollen to twice its normal size. One hour into treatment, Louise suggested a short break for taking a glass of water. I sat up on the couch, looked down at my ankle and despite it never having been touched, it had shrunk to its normal size and was mobile without any pain. Louise has changed by life. My ankle is fully recovered. My blood pressure and stress levels are back to normal. Louise is a magician!"  Mark Jones, Hampshire.

"I received a strong recommendation from a friend to go to Louise following  double knee replacement operations and various joint pains, and my own doubts about whether the supplements I was taking were indeed appropriate for my anti-inflammatory needs. Louise identified supplements which were costing me money and giving no benefit and alternatives which, along with the work she did, have quickly reduced my pain levels after just two appointments.  I would rate the service as 5 Star."  Jonathan Calvert, Surrey.

"I had been suffering with chronic joint pain for over 16 years and was at a stage where I could no longer work. After visiting Louise monthly for the last 6 months my pain has reduced so significantly that I have returned to work full time, have less fatigue and am overall enjoying life and all its adventures. I never thought my life would be this good again! Louise is wonderful and I can't recommend her and kinesiology enough".  Joanne Drakes, Bracknell.



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